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Why Dogs 'N Action? I'll let others tell you about their experiences.

October 31, 2022

Valarie: Teresa went above and beyond in every instance to provide positive training options for me and my mini Aussie Harper. When Harper was biting a lot and HATED being in her crate, I didn't know what to do. Teresa gave me so many tools and options to help her (and me!). She modeled them for me at my home, and then allowed me to practice them while giving me great feedback. She was always available to answer questions and wonderful support. There were a few days where I really didn't think I'd be able to handle raising this Aussie, but with her hands-on, kind, caring, and knowledgeable approach, we have made so much progress. I really think any dog and dog owner would benefit from working with Teresa!

Beth:  Teresa has trained both of my dogs and she is terrific. She recognized the fear/anxiety in one of my dogs and was able to help him become happier and a more confident dog through training. Also, Teresa taught me how to correctly respond to his fear/anxiety. I highly recommend Teresa.

Linda:  Teresa is awesome. She really knows how to figure out the issues and find ways to help the dog and their family. What a wonderful resource for the Permian Basin! Our Greyhound rescue and adoption group has called on her several times and she is always very responsive and helpful.

Deb:  Teresa has a gift of educating dogs and their people! It’s amazing...if you practice what she teaches it takes only minutes to see your dog happy, well behaved, and enjoying time with their favorite people (you)!

Kristen: Teresa is an amazing human and dog trainer! She helped me and my dog gain the confidence and skill we needed to pass the TDI therapy dog test! Thank you Teresa!

Chris:  Teresa worked with my lab Huck as he had anxiety issues around meeting new dogs. By using high value treats as positive reinforcement every time Huck went near a new dog, and remaining calm and relaxed, Huck gets over the anxiety and is able to meet and play with new dogs now. Teresa is an excellent trainer who loves and cares about the dogs.

Laura:  Teresa is a phenomenal help. We have a rescue that resource guards and is sometimes reactive to large dogs. Not only does she teach us how to handle the dog, she explains what we are doing and why. She always has a positive attitude and a lot of patience! We highly recommend Teresa and if we could rate higher than excellent we would!

Lindsey:  Teresa did a wonderful job training my dog Stormy. She helped my pup develop a wonderful recall, great sit and stay, and even helped her get over her fear of her crate! I am so thankful for the time and effort Teresa put in with my girl to allow her to live up to her full potential. It's wonderful to see someone who uses positive reinforcement and makes training fun for the dogs she's working with. Even after her time training my pup was up, I know I can still go to her when I have any training related questions. Teresa is fantastic!

On 10/18/21 Teresa says: Teresa was absolutely fantastic with effectively and quickly training one of our Golden Retrievers. Our 90

pound puppy was a stubborn freight train on walks that was literally causing me shoulder and back problems. One session with Teresa and very simple follow up on my part and WOW our doggie is a good walker with no pulling! Best of all, treats and other positive reinforcement was used, so my doggie is as happy as I am! I am booking Teresa again in the future soon to fine tune some other training I’ve done! 10/10 recommend!!! 

On 10/18/21 Vanny says: Teresa is amazing and very helpful! She worked with our mini cockapoo puppy, she notice the anxiety and advice us how to help our puppy to overcome his anxiety and as the result, our puppy actually become a really social puppy. All the tips that she gave to us help us to fly with our puppy a lot easier and smoother then we expected. Only thing that we wish is that we found Teresa sooner so Boba (our puppy) can has more training sessions with her. We are highly recommended her! 

Name: Sara Baqla

Message: Teresa is such a patient, kind, and knowledgeable trainer. She gave private lessons for my anxious one year old lab, Archimedes. Teresa has provided wonderful tools to help with Archimedes and we have seen great improvement over the course of 6 lessons. I look forward to continuing my dog’s training by enrolling him in an AKC Canine Good Citizen class. Thank you for everything Teresa!

Domain: https://dogsnaction.com


Name: Meghan

Message: Teresa truly understands dogs - more than any person I've ever met. She is kind and caring and always wants what's best for the dog. Her training is a breath of fresh air and she's great at explaining why dogs do what they do and how to better communicate with my dog. Stop searching. Hire Teresa now. She is phenomenal!

Domain: https://dogsnaction.com


Name: Taylor

Message: Teresa worked with 2 of my dogs with very different temperaments! Each one of them left the class with more confidence and knowledge as when we arrived. She takes the time to get to know and understand your pet to best train them. I love that positive reinforcement is used! I highly recommend Teresa!

Domain: https://dogsnaction.com


On 6/22/22 Kyla Says:

Teresa is truly amazing. She made me see ‘training’ in a whole new way. It was exactly what I was looking for but didn’t know how to put it into words after a short lived failed attempt at another type of training. It’s all about the relationship with your fur baby and building on that relationship. We had a good relationship with our last two Airedales, and they were really good dogs, we just hadn’t done any formal training to speak of, so there were some specific issues we had such as bolting out the door. I wanted a little more with Barnabas, but I wanted it to be a positive experience. That’s what Teresa brings. She helped me see it’s about understanding him, seeing his behaviors and what they mean and helping him focus on me and a high value treat to work on the things we need to work on. She helped me understand he’s not obeying or disobeying, he’s doing tricks, and it’s all about having the highest value over the distractions. It has truly strengthened our bond. She’s very patient. She takes the time to know each dog and teach each owner how to train them individually. Our first conversation, before we even set up a session, she took the time to explain a lot of things to me and even gave me advice for a problem I was having with Barney jumping on us when he came in from outside. We did one private session and now have completed Canine Good Citizen Classes. I highly recommend Teresa if your fur baby is so much more to you than just a dog.